healthy sexual intercourse for couples



We will be talking about sex. For this important topic as well in all of our discussions, I work from a culturally sensitive and LGBTQI affirmative space. While nothing is off-limits and nothing is taboo to talk about, some people have trouble bringing up the subject of sex. Many couples experiencing a sexual problem are reluctant to talk about them. Sex is a multi faceted issue which can range from sexual dysfunction, [...]



Being a parent can bring about a slew of different issues such as discipline,  post partum depression, bedwetting, sibling rivalry, adoption, as well as marriage problems or adjusting to life as a new family unit. Therapy can be for parents, children or the entire clan.  Together we can identify if your feelings surrounding these issues come from your family of origin, or new patterns that have formed in your life.  We can [...]



Historically, addiction has been defined with regard solely to psychoactive substances (for example alcohol, tobacco and other drugs) which cross the blood-brain barrier once ingested, temporarily altering the brain chemically.  How do drugs work?  In the brain, drugs may either intensify or dull your senses, alter your sense of alertness, and sometimes decrease physical pain. Here are a few warning signs that someone may have a substance abuse problem: relying on drugs or alcohol to have fun, [...]



Grief is a reaction to a major loss. It is most often an unhappy and painful emotion. People who are grieving may have crying spells, some trouble sleeping, and lack of productivity at work. Family and friends can offer emotional support during the grieving process. Sometimes outside factors can affect the normal grieving process, and people might need extra support from their community. Grief may be triggered by the death of a [...]

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