Being a parent can bring about a slew of different issues such as discipline,  post partum depression, bedwetting, sibling rivalry, adoption, as well as marriage problems or adjusting to life as a new family unit. Therapy can be for parents, children or the entire clan.  Together we can identify if your feelings surrounding these issues come from your family of origin, or new patterns that have formed in your life.  We can talk about what your hopes and expectations are for yourself and other members of your family, and how you can create a safe and healthy environment for those you care most about.

Many parents and children face difficulties at some time in the family life cycle. Family Therapy works with families to overcome their challenges and nurture change and development within their relationships and their life. It offers a powerful setting for the disclosure of secrets, emotions and experiences that may be difficult to discuss. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs) are the most specifically trained in this type of psychotherapy.

Family counseling provides family members with skills and tools to effectively deal with their issues, implement change and reach their goals. It helps clients communicate and solve problem effectively, build and maintain trust, with the purpose of developing a satisfying relationship among all members of the family.